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PMW Dynamics is based in the UK with a manufacturing facility in Alton, Hampshire. The company is focused on four strategic areas:

Brushless Pancake Motors
They are considered a world leader in the design and manufacture of compact brushless DC electric motors for the industrial, aerospace & defense, medical, marine and other specialist markets. Their experience spans from flat motors for operating door systems to in-wheel motors for industrial robots.

Brushed Pancake Motors
Founded in 1963, they are Europe’s largest manufacturer of flat brushed DC pancake electric motors and motor gearboxes. As the world’s leading authority on the design and manufacture of pancake motors, they continue to explore new areas of application for this unique motor design.


In-Wheel Motors
They are a world leader in this nascent technology with a strong focus on extremely demanding high torque low speed applications. Their modular motor system allows us to rapidly design and produce custom wheel motors for high-end commercial, marine and aerospace & defense applications.

Custom Motor Design
PMW Dynamics is recognized as a world authority in the design and manufacture of compact high-power permanent magnet brushless DC electric motors. They offer many sizes of brushless permanent magnet and brushed pancake DC motors that can be rapidly tailored to meet your exact specification.

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