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Innovators consistently rate Kollmorgen as one of their best motion systems manufacturing partners. Whether you are looking for classic servo motors; direct drive servo motors; stepper motors; drives & amplifiers; gearheads; actuators; or multi-axis motion controllers; Kollmorgen is one of the few companies in the world who actually design and manufacture all of these products.

Kollmorgen offers to the Aerospace and Defense market the industry's most advanced automation products in configurations and torque ranges to meet virtually any specification.  AKM and AKM2G Servo Motors combine high performance and efficiency that allows you to design a smaller and more compact solution. AKM Servo Motors offer unprecedented choice and flexibility, such as optional 24 volt and 48 volt windings, and optimized modifications.

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Harmonic Drive LLC engineers and manufactures precision servo actuators, gearheads, and gear component sets. Their strain wave gearing utilizes a unique operating principle which is based upon the elastic mechanics of metals. The high-performance attributes of this gearing technology including zero backlash, high torque, compact size, excellent positional accuracy and repeatability are all a direct result of the unique operating principle.

Brother Gearmotor
Nippon Pulse
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Printed Motor Works
Thomson Linear
Micron by Boston Gear
Compostite Motors
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Brother Gearmotors is one of the world’s largest fine-pitch gear manufacturers. For over 50 years, they’ve been perfecting the way gearmotors are engineered. Their power transmission components are capable of meeting the unique needs of most applications. Brother Gearmotor delivers the ultimate peace-of-mind by offering an industry-leading, full five-year warranty on their entire line of standard products.

Nippon Pulse is a custom motor manufacturer and Tier 1 supplier of precision motion control products for original equipment manufacturers. They provide a wide array of motion control technologies, including industry-leading stepper motors, the innovative linear shaft motor, controllers, drivers, and stages.

ICI develops and manufactures the most sensitive, accurate, and competitively priced infrared cameras in the world. Product offerings include handheld, fixed mount, IR pad, drone, gas lead, and ultrasonic cameras, along with industry leading infrared reporting software.

TK USA is the US headquarters of Italian/German TK Group. Providing Industrial Cables, Connectors, and Cable Assemblies for Industrial Applications in North America. The TK Group brands are: TecniKabel, Icotronix and HTC.

Rother Machine provides design and engineering services, fabrication, assembly, and industrial controls. They specialize in the manufacturing of specialty equipment and automated systems including dies, weldments, jigs, and fixtures.

Printed Motor Works designs and manufacturers printed, pancake, and flat armature motors. Including focus on the strategic areas of Brushless Pancake Motors, Brushed Pancake Motors, In-Wheel Motors as well as specializing in Custom Motor Designs.

PENKO Engineering B.V. specializes in the development and manufacture of high accuracy and reliable electronic weighing and dosing systems. They also provide OEM companies with a wide range of weighing and dosing measurement, display and sequencer components and products for integration in automated machinery.​​​

Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in mechanical motion technology.

Micron by Boston Gear manufactures planetary gearheads for high precision motion control applications which require a high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash. Boston Gear offers these precision planetary gearheads for all duty cycles, and with all RediMount compliant mounting systems.

TruTech is a USA manufacturer of DC Brushless Servo Motor Solutions. Providing a customized solution; including prototypes to high volume production orders. Helping select, integrate, test, and deliver complete solutions including feedback, gearbox, actuator, drive and brake options. In addition, they can manufacture customized part-sets that integrate with your components. 

Composite Motors is a US Based custom electric motor and controller manufacturer that focuses on both AC and DC Brushless/Permanent Magnet designs for harsh environments.  

Lafert NA brings you the finest in Italian manufactured IEC metric motors, along with other premium Italian made products, such as EuroMotori Flame Proof Motors, Sacemi Coolant Pumps and the SITI metric line of gearboxes. 

Mag Daddy utilizes Ultra-Strong magnets for applications in Wire/Cable management and automotive fastener solutions. Their magnets easily stick through oil, grease, paint, and dirt. 

Pizzato Elettrica is one of the leading European manufacturers of position switches, microswitches, safety devices, safety modules, foot switches, control and signaling devices, and devices for elevators.

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