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Brother Gearmotor
5 Year Warranty.png

Brother Gearmotors is one of the world’s largest fine-pitch gear manufacturers. For over 50 years, they’ve been perfecting the way gearmotors are engineered, and with their focus on flexibility and performance, their power transmission components are capable of meeting the unique needs of most applications. Delivering the ultimate peace-of-mind by offering an industry leading full five year warranty on their entire line of products.

  • Help eliminate costly downtime: All gearmotors come with high-grade grease standard, which effectively lubricates the gearmotors for life and helps eliminate costly downtime for lubrication changes.

  • Help reduce risk exposure: All gearmotors are available with H1 Food-Grade grease for units which may come into contact with food.

  • Help increase operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance and labor: Brother Gearmotors are compact in size and are sealed for life.

  • Withstand the harshest environments: Permanently sealed motors with electrostatic application of high-quality paint assures consistently tough, water-tight, chemically-resistant units which withstand harsh conditions.

  • Customize configuration: Brother Gearmotors have multiple standard specifications, options and mounting positions to ensure compatibility.

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