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Nidec is the world's No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. They specialize and handle motor application products based on "everything that spins and moves," centering around a motor business that comprises an expansive product line from small precision to supersized motors. These products are used in all kinds of objects and devices around us that are critical to our lives and society.

Nidec Motion Control has several brands under its umbrella including RoboteQ, Control Technique Dynamics (CTD), Merkle-Korff Industries, and Hurst. Each brand has its own areas of strength and proficiency which gives Nidec Motion Control the expertise of many capable players through one global entity that can power up projects unilaterally.

Nidec CTD.png

For more than 50 years, Control Techniques Dynamics “CTD” has provided AC brushless servo motors and high-performance solutions for multiple industries.  TD has been built on the reputation of its servo motors through sustained dedication to quality, reliability with the objective to constantly provide tremendous value for their customers.

Nidec Roboteq.png

From its beginning in 2002, RoboteQ focused on manufacturing best-in-class motor controllers for the then-emerging mobile robot industry. RoboteQ’s offering as grown to include other important robot systems components such as navigation sensors and power management subsystems. With the addition of Nidec’s advanced motors to RoboteQ’s rich catalog of motor controllers, navigation sensors, and lithium battery management, we’re making it easy for customers to choose our total robot component solutions.

Nidec Hurst.png

For 70 years, Hurst has been an innovator in the development, production and application of precision motors. During that significant span of time, Hurst has grown into one of the top producers of sub-fractional motors in the world. Today, our Hurst facility manufactures low-cost, high performance brushless DC  servo motors for many markets, including medical and computer applications.

Nidec Merkle-Forff.png

Founded in 1911, Merkle-Korff pioneered the development of small motors and gear motors known as “sub-fractionals.” The company developed the original small gearmotor in the 1920’s, followed by the simple cup-drop motor in soft drink machines and through-the-door ice dispensing systems in the 1950’s. Merkle-Korff remains at the technology forefront of industry-leading BLDC, PMDC,
PSC and AC gearmotor and motor solutions for applications in the commercial food equipment, consumer appliance, vending, pellet stove, medical and other various markets.

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