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The Mackubin Group offers NO charge service for our customers!

Technical Support

With over 29 years of experience we can provide technical assistance with:

•    System sizing and selection
•    System start-up 
•    Problem solving
•    Servo system upgrades
•    Wiring app notes and sketches
•    Legacy and discontinued products
•    Retired firmware and GUI’s
•    Recommend system integrators


We can personalize training using our table-top demonstration units. 

•    GUI 
•    WorkBench
•    IDE
•    Visualization Builder
•    Operation Modes
•    Servo System Tuning
•    Motion Tasks
•    Electronic Gearing
•    Communication Modes
•    I/O Setup and Monitoring

Application Notes


There’s an app for that?
App note that is!  
Several application notes are available to assist in setup programming and problem solving. Call us with your problem, we may have an app note.

Demonstration Units

We have over 25 table-top servo system demonstration units available to be checked out for use in evaluation, performance, training, and testing.  

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